Text 4 Jun Graceland

Story and Direction: Ron Morales


Kidnapping is business. Over 500 known cases of kidnapping were reported in the Philippines in recent years. Graceland is a story of just one.

Set in contemporary Metro Manila, Graceland follows Marlon Villar, a family man who works as the chauffeur of Mr. Manuel Changho, a corrupted politician, and his family. Marlon’s preteen daughter, Elvie, and the politician’s daughter, Sophia, are best friends. While driving them to school, Marlon is pulled over and held at gunpoint by a kidnapper disguised as a police officer. The problem is the wrong girl is kidnapped.

Propelled into a downward spiral of cover-ups and deceit, Marlon is forced to aid the kidnapper in order to save his daughter. As the truth unravels, Marlon must choose a life for every lie.

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